People I Love Working With

Creative digital marketing testimonials and experiences working with Caitlin Sellers.

Maxie McCoy

Director of Local Levo and Digital Personality of Maxie McCoy

Caitlin has been an amazing partner in building one of Levo’s incredible engaged Local communities. Not only is she a leader in Charlotte, but her strategic thinking and support of those around her has made her a role model in our Levo community globally.
Caitlin knows how to push new ideas forward through creative digital marketing and bring teams along with her. Everything she does is rooted in a greater purpose. It’s been an honor to work with someone like Caitlin both through Levo and personally.

Stetson K. Patton

Fashion Stylist & Beauty Consultant

Caitlin and I met through a friend while we were eating lunch and watching a Panthers football game. We both soon discovered we shared a passion for business and networking with other driven women in the Charlotte area. Our interest in creative digital marketing and web designs was just another connection we made. You are a direct reflection of the 5 people you hang out with the most and I am glad to have Caitlin in my circle of friends.

Fred Sexton

The Big Cheese at Mouse and Man Digital Marketing

I met Caitlin through Juan Garzon when she was looking for an SEO specialist in 2013. We have been working together for almost 2 years now in the digital marketing space.  I am excited to see what the future holds for my company.

Reuben Bloom

Basic Cable Video

Caitlin and I met in grade school. After returning to Charlotte and starting Basic Cable we’ve reconnected and now serve on the board for Plaza Midwood Merchants. I’m primarily interested in creating video content that connects people to their communities.

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Jacob Ballard

iWebXpert | CFE | Rxprints

Caitlin began working with our company in 2013 focused on project management and content marketing. My brother and I were introduced by a client of ours, Stetson K Patton. She has since worked with us on several projects and has come to be a dear friend.

Daniel Ballard


I first introduced to Caitlin in 2013, by Stetson K Patton, while we were both growing our professional networks. There was bbq. There were laughs. Now there are many fruitful collaborations. It was destiny.

Justin Belleme

JB Media Group

I met Caitlin while she was visiting Asheville to network with other marketing professionals. We have stayed in touch and collaborated on several projects including JB Media Institute’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp.
I own an online marketing agency and online marketing school in Asheville, NC. We provide and train on the following services: search engine optimization, social media, public relations, online advertising, and online marketing strategy.

Juan Garzón


I met Caitlin at a networking event (can’t remember which one) in 2013, drank some, and then I told you to quit your job – then introduced you to Fred – then sent you Cassie – should I keep going?

I help small businesses and entrepreneurs clarify their brand, communicate their value, and accelerate the growth of their business.

Ruth Howard

Director of the ENERGY GIRLS® healthy lifestyle network.

I met Caitlin through Beth Perneszi who owns A+ garage doors. I have spoken at one of the Local Levo CLT events and I’m a speaker who communicates life-changing information in an unforgettable way. Inspiring and encouraging women to live healthy lives filled with energy and abundant joy.

Michelle C. Braun

SuperStar Careers

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Caitlin by local photographer Lyndsay Wynne Hess. We worked together on a Levo event and realized how much we have in common: A strong desire to empower women. A love for the Queen City. A tendency to Get Things Done. The frosting on the cupcake is that we are both members of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority (albeit at different schools).

Chris Bollinger

The first time I met Caitlin she was modeling on a photo shoot for an artisan jewelry maker. Soon after, we crossed paths again as she was working for a marketing firm that I did some photography, video and design work for. To date I have worked on several photography assignments with Caitlin and a commercial video.

Sarah Benken

Founder and CEO of Metro’s Other Woman

I met Caitlin in 2013 at the Southern Woman’s Show in Charlotte. My assisting firm, Metro’s Other Woman® had a booth and Caitlin introduced herself to me. Metro’s Other Woman® services clients in need of more time and balance. Our clients are busy executives, business owners, and families that are desperate to break free from chores and time-sucks. From the household side – errands, laundry, meal prep to the business side – filing, social media, and bookkeeping – We’ve got you covered!

Jim DuBois

Squeegee Pro

I met Caitlin through Fred Sexton at the Philosopher’s Stone in Elizabeth. I was one of her first clients with Mouse and Man. She focused primarily on Social Media marketing and the Squeegee Pros newsletter.

Chrystal Rose

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for marketing and helping women to achieve their dreams.

I met Caitlin through a mutual connection who thought we’d hit it off. After he introduced us via email, we quickly made lunch plans and realized he was absolutely right! We had a fabulous time talking shop, dishing connections and trying to find ways we could mutually benefit from each other. Caitlin is very connected and the kind of go-to girl I’m thrilled to have as a part of my network.

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