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My name is Caitlin Sellers Castevens!

My friends and family call me Caite.

I am a digital marketing junkie and HubSpot obsessed.

As a co-host and co-founder of the Lady Tech Charmers podcast, I’ve found my passion to benefit, inspire, and educate women and girls globally about the opportunities we have in tech.

I am a part-time world traveler.

I am a full-time wife, sister, daughter, dog mom, and community leader in Charlotte, NC.

A message from Caitlin!
I bring over a decade of experience leading inbound sales, marketing, and community building expertise to teams, leaders, and entrepreneurs. I’ve been affectionately dubbed a “digital therapist” by colleagues and clients alike. I am passionate about building effective solutions and solve sticky problems, all with an eye to ensuring data-driven growth and cultivating diverse, enriched communities.

I am one of the co-founders of Lady Tech Charmers, a woman in tech and female leadership podcast, and a founding board member of Carolina Women in Tech. Additionally, I am on the board for the Plaza Midwood Merchants Association with a focus on growing the Charlotte Student Entrepreneur Summit – a conference style experience exposing high school students to entrepreneurship, local businesses, and community leaders.

Prior to these community involvements, I launched the Charlotte chapter of Levo League, an international professional network for female-identified Millennials in the workplace. 

As of August 2018, I joined a mobile commerce technology team, SeeSnapGet, LLC. as the VP of Merchant Strategy & Growth. Our mission is to be the most convenient and trusted partner to the shopping traveler, as well as our merchant partners. Our goal is to bring mobile technology to main street merchants and artists by bridging the gap for traveling and boutique shoppers.

Additionally, I belong to a few co-ops (also known as collectives, collaboratives, tribes, squads, etc.). This, in essence, is a group of small business owners who come together with common goals and values, to work on projects, provide referrals, and to overall support each other in business and in life.

I’m a believer in the gig economy, the ability to be a scrappy worker, and empowering people to utilize technology to build a career of their dreams.

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We believe good work comes with an emphasis on human to human connection.

Are you a community organizer, business leader, or sales and marketing professional?

Let’s connect to discuss ways of mutually benefiting each other through community groups, business boards, and collaborative organizations.

Insights about Caitlin

Caitlin is currently serving on the board of the Plaza Midwood Merchants Association, Carolina Women in Tech, Charlotte Women in Tech, and the #TechYourSeat Movement. She is an advisor to the Charlotte Levo Chapter as well as Levo Leaders internationally.

Caitlin is a Tech Talent South Alumni and Instructor for her signature Grow Your Brand workshop. She is a speaker for regional conferences, local business groups, and organizations looking for new ways to grow their brand. When she isn’t teaching locally, she is coaching virtually using her favorite video conferencing software ZOOM.us


Digital Therapy

Do you need therapy?

Digital (Sales & Marketing) Therapy is a term we have coined to help people navigate the digital jungle.

The therapy is in place to help our clients figure out a plan, find the resources to execute the plan, and how to continue to build on the plan after execution.

We help organizations, starting with the self-assessment process, through the strategy and execution.

We are members of the Charlotte HubSpot User Group and supports the HubSpot community as an Agency Partner

Caitlin Sellers Agency actively partners with dozens of agencies, technologists, entrepreneurs, and tech companies primarily in the United States as well as in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In order to serve clients best, Caitlin Sellers Agency focuses on strategy, training, and Inbound Sales and Marketing.

We have a nimble core that allows us to manage partnerships, vendors, increase bandwidth, and execute on all services recommended in our strategies.

What makes me and my team get up in the mornings!

To benefit, inspire, and educate women globally to grow their brand by using technology to create a life they are passionate about.

To teach professionals how to approach modern day sales and marketing, infused with building their community to improve peer and customer experiences worldwide.

To create a world where diversity is a strength so sales and marketing are a progressive representation of your brand.


Sales and Marketing Certifications

Cups of Chai Lattes

Finished Projects

Years of Experience

How we work!
How we make magic happen!
With over a dozen HubSpot certifications, we pride ourselves on applying the Growth Driven Design Methodology to our website projects and Growth Driven Mindset to everything we do. This applies Lean and Agile principles with user experience (UX) and data insights. This process allows us to work quickly and efficiently while making data-driven decisions.

Although we are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are location independent. We love to use technology within our own business and primarily utilize HubSpot, Trello, Slack, Google Drive, and Basecamp.


“Caitlin has been an amazing partner in building one of Levo’s incredible engaged Local communities. Not only is she a leader in Charlotte, but her strategic thinking and support of those around her has made her a role model in our Levo community globally.

Caitlin knows how to push new ideas forward through creative digital marketing and bring teams along with her. Everything she does is rooted in a greater purpose. It’s been an honor to work with someone like Caitlin both through Levo and personally.”

Maxie McCoy

Writer, Speaker, Curriculum and Talent Consultant, (former) Director of Levo

Curriculum and Talent Consultant

“Caitlin approaches her work more holistically than most and really understand the business goals and objectives of her clients. She is hard-working, eager to learn and can integrate new digital marketing developments into a plan seamlessly. Her genuine enthusiasm for her work, and caring for the people she works with shines in all she does.”

Judy Bezler

President, Direct Point Advisors

“Caitlin has a strong passion for people and digital marketing which is evident through her work. I have had the pleasure to work with her on a number of successful client projects.
Her natural ability to help organize and lead digital teams & strategy is something that sets her apart from others.”

Grant Kantsios

Kantsios Consulting, Inc.

"Since meeting Caitlin we have found so many different ways to work together. She is definitely the smartest person in the room! I have enjoyed getting to see her in action, creating different strategies, processes, and solutions. She has helped our agency think of different ways to approach our clients and our projects. We have grown with Caitlin's help and will continue to find ways to partner with her. I would highly, highly recommend Caitlin."

Carly O'Brien

Arya Creative

Great Clients

Partnering with brands worldwide since 2013.

Focused on inbound sales and marketing, branding, and community building.

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Agency Background

HubSpot Agency Partner

Headquarters | Charlotte, NC

Our Founder Caitlin is a fourth generation Charlottean with a deep network across the region. Her passion to connect people to resources has helped create hundreds of opportunities for those in her sphere of influence. This has allowed her to cultivate strategic partnerships worldwide in order to best serve clients focused on growth, community, and technology.



Baltimore. Boston. England. Florida. France. Georgia. New York. North Carolina. California. Pakistan. Pennsylvania. South Carolina. South Dakota. Sweden.

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