Tech Training for Seniors
Education for people exploring day to day technology .
Day to Day Technologies Include:
We love technology!
* Smart Phones including iPhone + Android
* Tablets including iPad + Kindle
* Laptops + Desktops: Microsoft suite and Apple (including MAC software)
* Google
* Email
* Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube
* Online Dating Sites

* Podcasting/Audio/Video recording
* Video Conferencing: Skype, ZOOM, Google Hangout, FaceTime
* Website Blogs such as Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot COS, etc.
* Digital Fluency: Creating your footprint online, online accessibility, online shopping, etc.
* Online Music Streaming such as Pandora + Spotify


What can be covered in these sessions?

Anything from software questions (basic computer skills, Internet browsing, Facebook, Word, Google, Pinterest, personal website) to mobile devices (iPads, tablets, smart phones) are fair game for discussion. This is the chance to receive personal training (at the individuals learning pace) to get better acquainted with technology.

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Our Founder Caitlin is a fourth generation Charlottean with a deep network across the region. Her passion to connect people to resources has helped create hundreds of opportunities for those in her sphere of influence. This has allowed her to cultivate strategic partnerships worldwide in order to best serve clients focused on growth, community, and technology.



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